Vmware Vcloud Networking And Security v5.5.4.1 (4/6/2015)


Vmware Vcloud Networking And Security v5.5.4.1 (4/6/2015)

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Vmware Vcloud Networking And Security v5.5.4.1 | 1.4 Gb

VMware vCloud Networking and Security is the leading software defined networking and security solution that enhances operational efficiency, unlocks agility and is extensible to rapidly respond to business needs. It provides a broad range of services in a single solution, including virtual firewall, VPN, load balancing and VXLAN extended networks. Management integration with VMware vCenter and vCloud Director reduces the cost and complexity of datacenter operations and unlocks the operational efficiency and agility of virtual datacenters and private cloud deployments.

Key Benefits

Lowers cost and complexity with a virtualized networking and security solution
Efficiently manages compute resources across cluster and subnet boundaries
Scales and moves virtual workloads without physical network or security constraints or the need for specialized appliances
Enables integration of third-party network and security solutions through open architecture and standard APIs
Streamlines operations through vCenter and vCloud Director integration
Provides scalable networking and security while simplifying compliance

To download Vmware Vcloud Networking And Security v5.5.4.1 (4/6/2015) follow this steps:

1. Click on one of the Mirrors.
2. Install the software which is downloaded.
3. This software will download automaticaly Vmware Vcloud Networking And Security v5.5.4.1 (4/6/2015).

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Mirror 2

Datacenter Networking and Security Challenges

Current network and security solutions are rigid and complex, and they create a costly barrier to realizing the full agility of private clouds. Limitations of physical networking and security tie an increasingly dynamic virtual world back to inflexible, dedicated hardware, creating artificial barriers to optimizing network architecture and capacity utilization.

Manual provisioning, dedicated physical appliances and fragmented management interfaces reduce efficiency and limit the ability of enterprises to rapidly deploy, move, scale and protect applications and data according to business needs.
vCloud Networking and Security (vCloud Networking and Security)

VMware vCloud Networking and Security solves these datacenter challenges by virtualizing networks and security to create efficient, agile, extensible logical constructs that meet the performance and scale requirements of virtualized datacenters.
Gain Efficiency and Agility with Software-Defined Networking and Security

Move beyond the rigid network and security architectures, based on manually provisioned VLANs and dedicated appliances with fragmented management interfaces. Gain the full agility of a cloud infrastructure with software-defined networking and security. Rapidly deploy, move, scale and protect applications and data based on business needs, by creating networks and security constructs that can adapt and move with the workload. vCloud Networking and Security combines software-defined networks and security with policy-based provisioning that is tightly integrated into the virtual datacenter management.

Lower Operational Costs by Improving Efficiency and Utilization
Allocate compute resources elastically across clusters, and pods without reconfiguring your physical network. vCloud Networking and Security delivers highly scalable virtual networks, simplifies provisioning and lowers operations costs while reducing the need for specialized devices.

Manage and allocate compute resources across clusters and pods
Reduce the need for specialized devices
Take advantage of vCenter or vCloud Director integration

Adapt to Dynamic Business Needs with Virtual Workload Agility
Create networks that scale with applications and apply security services exactly where needed without hardware upgrades. vCloud Networking and Security delivers higher application availability and improved network performance.

Deploy, move or scale virtual workloads without physical network reconfiguration
Automate provisioning and scale out of networking and security services
Gain greater visibility into virtual traffic flows

Use Best of Breed Security Solutions across your Infrastructure
Take advantage of the latest 3rd party innovations while leveraging your existing networking and security investments. REST APIs allow for service insertion at the vNIC and the virtual edge, with support for both hardware and software solutions.

Leverage the open architecture and industry-standard APIs
Enable consistent support across hardware and software-based solutions
Protect your existing networking and security investments

1. unpack

3. understanding the basics of installation
4. burn / mount / install
5. enjoy







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