Antidote 10 v2.2 Multilingual-P2P – Publication of a newspaper


The P2P group has released an updated version of "Antidote".

The description: In a single operation, the Antidote corrector reports a wide variety of errors: from capitalization and verbal agreement, to unwanted commas and dismissals. Hover over an error to see the suggested corrections and see their explanations appear in a tooltip, then click to confirm. After correcting the spelling and grammar, go to typography and style, where you will be warned of the repetition of ordinary words or verbs. Even dates and numbers can be flagged with 200 smart filters that highlight relevant passages. No software has ever given you so much power to refine your writing.

Multiple dictionaries with powerful search tools
Read the complete definition of a word and all the expressions or proverbs that characterize it; see its plural form, how to pronounce it, its rhyming words and its etymology. With a single click, check the list of its synonyms and words from the same family. Discover his semantic field, his quotes, his combinations of words, his complete conjugation information and see how all these resources interact in an intelligent way. With its incomparable depth, powerful search engines and breathtaking speed, Antidote pushes the boundaries of what dictionaries can do.

Clear and detailed language guides
From grammar to style, lexicon to syntax, guides cover all aspects of writing. Get quick access to a clear and concise description of the rules and their exceptions. Learn all of this with carefully chosen tips and examples. Easily browse related documents or 485 articles, printing whenever you need them. With Antidote guides, it has never been so easy and enjoyable to write well.

Name of the exit: antidote-10-v2-2-multilingual-p2p
Cut: 2.33 GB
Connections: Home page NFONTi

Download: RAPIDGATOR / Part 1Part 2part3 /

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Fast download


To download Antidote 10 v2.2 Multilingual-P2P – Publication of a newspaper follow this steps:

1. Click on one of the Mirrors.
2. Install the software which is downloaded.
3. This software will download automaticaly Antidote 10 v2.2 Multilingual-P2P – Publication of a newspaper.

Mirror 1

Mirror 2


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